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Sample Coolers

Sample Coolers

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Boiler Sample Coolers

What is a Boiler Sample Cooler?
Boiler Sample Coolers are used to cool hot water or steam samples for easy handling and effective sample collection. Sample Coolers are suitable for use on hot water, saturated steam, or superheated steam services. Failure to install a sample may result in accurate testing results of you steam boiler chemicals. Our sample coolers are manufactured by Neptune.

What are the materials of construction of this product?
  • Rugged all-welded construction
  • Internal baffles to ensure maximum heat transfer
  • Heat exchange area -- one sq. ft.
  • Design pressure -- 3500 psi
  • Boiler Sample Coolers are available in all 316SS or with Inconel 600 coil and 316SS shell
What Sample Cooler do I need?
If you feel a need to clean yours, order the demountable one. Other then that it should not matter if you are installing this on a boiler.

How do you sample boiler water?
Obtaining representative water samples for analysis is extremely important. Poor sampling can result in an inaccurate assessment of conditions and subsequent recommendations. The following basic rules must be followed:
  1. Sample Containers: New, plastic, one pint containers are ideal. If these are not available, glass bottles which have been thoroughly washed and rinsed and which have lined caps may be used. Used plastic bottles are poor as certain materials may be absorbed on the plastic and cannot be adequately removed.
  2. Sample Points: Sample points for each component in a system (raw water, softened water, feedwater, boiler water, condensate, cooling water, etc.) should be provided. Where hot water (boiler water, feedwater, condensate, etc.) is being obtained, sample coolers are recommended.
  3. Obtaining the Sample: Thoroughly flush the sample line prior to sampling. Letting the sample line run for from several seconds to several minutes (in areas where flow is questionable) is necessary to assure any contamination is flushed prior to sampling.
  4. Label All Samples Carefully: Show which samples are duplicates for metal analysis. Indicate if acidified.
How to sample boiler water for special test?
  1. Iron, Copper, Other Metals: For normal expected ranges (0.1 ppm and up), plastic bottles can be used. Preferably, these should be acidified at the time of sampling with 20 ml concentrated, reagent grade hydrochloric acid. However, if acid is not available, this can be done in the laboratory with satisfactory results. DUPLICATE SAMPLES ARE REQUIRED WHEN STANDARD ANALYSES PLUS IRON, COPPER, ETC. ARE NEEDED.
  2. Low Iron, Copper (High pressure boiler operations, iron required in ppb ranges): Samples must be obtained in acid washed glass containers.
  3. Sodium (in steam): SAMPLING CRITICAL. Must obtain cooled sample that has been obtained through an ASTM specified steam sampling nozzle. Sample line must run at least 1 hour prior to sampling. New sample bottle and cap should be triple rinsed with condensed steam sample prior to sampling. DO NOT TOUCH INSIDE OF CAP OR BOTTLE. Allow sample to overflow from neck of bottles for several seconds after filling and then immediately cap leaving no air space in bottle. Label "FOR SODIUM ANALYSIS".
  4. New System (wells, piping, etc.): These should be flushed preferably for at least 24 hours prior to sampling the first time. Even then, iron and other metals analysis could be erroneously high.
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