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Handtron HT-3P - Water Conductivity Meter

Handtron HT-3P - Water Conductivity Meter

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Water Conductivity Meter

What is a Water Conductivity Meter?
A Water Conductivity Meter is used to measure the electrical resistance in water. The factors that contribute to the measurement is dissolved solids, suspended solids, and dissolved gases. A water conductivity meter is used to calibrate the conductivity controller and to check the boiler conductivity readings. It is a must have for maintaining a good boiler treatmenent program.

What is Boiler Water Conductivity?
Boiler Water Conductivity is the measurement of the dissolve solids, dissolved gases, and suspended solids within the boiler water. Conductivity is used to monitor the boiler cycles of concentration. This is the most important measurement when performing boiler water testing. Do not make boiler chemical adjustments until you know the boiler conductivity. Monitor the boiler conductivity daily.

Where can I buy a Water Conductivity Meter?
You can purchase a meter directly at ChemWorld.
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