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Chemworld 1197 (with Amine)

Chemworld 1197 (with Amine)

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Boiler Water Chemicals

What is an "All in One" Steam Boiler Chemical?
An "All in One" Boiler Water Chemical is design and formulated to work in smaller boilers < 200 hp. The advantage of this product is it reduces the number of chemicals on site. This boiler chemical is called ChemWorld 1197.

What is Amine?
Amine is added to this product in case where you may want to treat your returned condensate. If you are using the steam directly in food or in a product or if your boiler duty cycle time is low, do not purchase an "All in One" product with Amine. Purchase an "All in One" with no Amine.

What testing should be done with this boiler chemical?
Check the boiler water conductivity, sulfite residual, and hardness. Check the condensate pH and the softener hardness. If you have a system over 75 hp, purchase and install a boiler conductivity controller.

Where do I feed this chemical?
This chemical should be fed directly to the center of the storage section of the deaerator tank or near the center of the feed water tank with an injection quill.

What other chemicals should I feed with this chemical?
If you have a boiler less than 75 hp. Just use this chemical. If your boiler is larger then 75 hp, you may feed a supplemental sulfite chemical in order to minimize the usage rate of this chemical. Use a sulfite test kit to monitor the sulfite residual.

Will this product remove existing boiler scale?
No, this product is not designed to remove existing scale. Please refer to our "All in One" Boiler Chemical for the gradual removal of existing boiler scale.

Watch a full line of boiler water training videos online. For more information, about each product you can download the MSDS and Product bulletins of each boiler chemical.
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