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Boiler Alkalinity Builder

Boiler Alkalinity Builder

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Boiler Alkalinity

What is the purpose of an Alkalinity Builder?
The purpose of an Alkalinity Builder is to increase the boiler water pH. Alkalinity is sometimes referred to as caustic soda. A caustic skin burn is one of the worst burns. Be very careful when handling your alkalinity source. If you get it on your skin or in your eyes, wash immediately. Get immediate care. Eliminate any handling of this chemical. Use the 25% version of either product.It serves as the following:
  • Mild steel tubes become exponentially corrosive the higher the temperature.
  • For high pressure boilers, 300 psi, you must maintain a 3:1 total alkalinity OH to silica ratio to ensure the soluble silica does not plate out. It will appear as glass.
  • At a pH above 10.5 it will ensure the polymer properly functions to keep any hardness in solution.

What is an Alkalinity Builder?
It is either 25% or 50% sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. Potassium hydroxide is used in applications where chemical storage may be below 32F since it has a lower freeze point. If you require potassium hydroxide, please contact us for special pricing.

What is the recommended residual rate?
Maintain a Boiler Water pH above 10.5 for boiler pressure below 300 psi.

How do you feed Alkalinity?
Feed the Alkalinity as far back into your system as possible. This will protect all your metallurgy. Ideally, inject the alkalinity into the center of you injection valve. The alkalinity should feed to the boiler system when the boiler calls for more feed water.

How do you monitor Alkalinity?
You can you pH test strips, a conductivity meter, or a titration pH visual test kit. If you need an accurate reading, use a good pH meter, other wise just use pH test strips. They work great!
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