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Oxygen Scavengers

Oxygen Scavengers

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Oxygen Scavengers

What is an Oxygen Scavenger?
The purpose of an Oxygen Scavenger to to remove the dissolved oxygen in the make-up water or where dissolved oxygen. Oxygen in water is extremely corrosive and becomes worse at higher temperatures and pressures. For 95% of most boiler chemical applications, sodium sulfite is used in either powdered or liquid form. So we will only discuss sodium sulfite to keep it simple. This product may also be used as a wet boiler lay up. The products are listed above as sodium sulfite oxygen scanvenger, but may have blended of potassium sulfite. Please refer to the MSDS.

What types of oxygen scavengers are there?
In boiler applications higher then 300 hp, a 4.0 pH 38% concentration of sodium sulfite is used with an alkalinity builder. For boilers < 200 hp or boilers with a good operating deaerator, the product choice is a 7.0 sulfite. In most cases, a 7.0 pH sulfite may eliminate the need for an alkalinity product. For those that do not mind mixing and handling powders, the most economical choice is always a powdered sulfite.

What is an Sodium Sulfite?
Liquid sodium sulfite typically is a 38% solution at around 4 pH. Other dilutions of the products are made at lower concentration to provide neutralized solutions of sodium sulfite at 7.0 pH and basic product solutions of 10 pH. If you require a 10 pH sulfite, please contact us. These can only be used in special boilers because of foaming issues.

What is the recommended residual rate?
Maintain a sulfite residual of 20 to 40 ppm in the boiler water. More residual provides additional protection against dissolved solids in cases of large water demands or process changes. Use a Sulfite Test Kit to monitor the residuals of sulfite in the boiler.

How do you feed Sodium Sulfite?
Feed the the sulfite to the center of the feed water tank with an injection quill so it disperses evenly throughout the tank. Sulfite should be fed to the boiler when the boiler calls for water.

How do you monitor Sodium Sulfite?
Use a sulfite residual test kit. It is a simple hand held titration.

Does ChemWorld have a product that is 10 to 20% Sodium Sulfite and 1 to 5% Potassium Sulfite?
Yes, This is the product labeled 19% Sulifte. We only list the sulfite portion to make it easy to read.
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