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Neptune "PZ" Metering Pumps

Neptune "PZ" Metering Pumps

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Neptune Metering Pumps

What type of metering pump is this?
This is a Neptune PZi4 Series 4 to 20 mAMP adjustment meter pumps. These pumps are perfect for pumping all your boiler chemicals and other chemicals. This pumps are typically purchased with a water meter or conductivity controller that sends out a signal when to feed.

Which metering pump do I need?
For your amines, alkalinity products, make sure to purchase a stainless steel head metering pump. For your scale, corrosion inhibitor and sulfite a PVC or Kynar pump will work fine

All Pumps with the exception of the SSTL pump, comes complete with foot valve, suction discharge tubing, air bleed valve, and injector quill with check valve.
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